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Reach for happiness. Pick a Card & turn your day around!

Cards for Humanity are a deck of 50 cards that allow you to be a better version of yourself.

The Cards for Humanity was an ingenious endeavor born in Mumbai – India conceptualised by Saloni and Hiren Ganatra of ColabCompany. This deck of 50 cards allows one to tap into their inner self & inculcates habits that incline towards positively impacting everyone around us and ourselves in equal measure. 

Collectively the deeds are curated keeping in mind the smallest but most significant actions that we can aspire to reestablish as a way of living. They enable you to pursue each day with renewed zest, optimism & an open heart. 

Cards For Humanity is now ready for you. Just spread the deck, draw a card & let it speak. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what’s in store for you. 

Each card holds a unique deed &  exclusive art work created by creative professionals across realms. 

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Win Hearts and Mind.

Thats Not It!

The proceeds from this initiative goes to the NGO - Saturday Art Class, a not-for-profit social organization operating in the education sector. It is a school-based intervention that leverages domestic and international art to address the void of social and emotional learning that exists in India’s government and affordable private schools.

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"Support a local business to grow. Leave a good review or spread the word!"

-Rooshad Shroff-

"Watch the sunset paint the sky hues of magic today. It's a fleeting view doused in beauty."


"Conserve water - have a bucket bath. It's kind on the planet too!"

-LOCO Design-

"Toss up an easy meal for a loved one/partner. The way to the heart is most often through the tummy!"

-ETHER Atelier-

"Praise someone's efforts wholeheartedly. Gratitude & affirmations are everything."